New Employability Within Self-leadership in Music Academic Programs


Selections of Musics for The Comics and The Cartoon

Brian Dietlmeir (RIAM)
Nikolas Argyrou (EUC)
Lenos Christodoulou (EUC)
Matteo Ilardo (CMSC)
Luca de Matteis (CMSC)
Matteo Ilardo (CMSC)
In the last phase of the NEWS in MAP project, when its seven Intellectual outputs have been achieved and all its activities have been completed, the dissemination of the project has been finalized too, spreading its results at national and International levels, and thanks to the emergence of social media as the increasingly dominant mode of information dissemination, these links have been shared as much as possible.

OltreCultura (Italian Magazine Magazine of Information, Entertainment and Culture)

Conferenza dei docenti dei Conservatori di musica italiani (Conference of the teachers of the Italian music conservatories) 

Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute Berlin
See (from 23’:18’’ to 28’:45’’): (Study Center/Educational services, experiences, reflections and materials for music education)  
International project for the innovation of study programs: how self-leadership can improve the careers of young musicians.
See: (
See the presentation of AEC Pop and Jazz Platform Meeting 2022 in the library
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13-Jun-2022IO6 – Publications, 2 articles from Prof. Carla Conti
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26-Apr-2022IO7 – Video
On Tuesday 26/4/2022 the Symphonic Band of Strovolos Municipality-European University Cyprus gave an invited performance at the Sala Academica of the “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory of Music. The performance was a commemoration of the 200 years from the beginning of the Greek war of independence from Ottoman rule. The concert included original and arranged works by Greek and Cypriot composers such as Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Eleni Karaindrou, Michalis Andronikou, Nikolaos Mantzaros and others, most of which have not been heard before by Italian audiences. The concert provided an opportunity to share unknown repertoire for wind band and to exchange ideas and practices for entrepreneurship in music. A highlight of the concert included a performance by Dr. Marco Albonetti, saxophone professor at Trento Conservatory, who was a featured soloist on Stephen Bulla’s “Caprice for Saxophone.”
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01-Apr-2022IC3 – Final Report (updated)
Download and the report in this PDF
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20-Feb-2022IO7 – video
The vocal ensemble “Vorrei la voce bianca” (I would like the white voice), coordinated by Prof. Carla Conti, of the Department of Didactics of Music and Instrument for the course of Choir Conducting and Choral Repertoire, has implemented a process of shared responsibility, flat leadership, for the development of metacognitive skills and strategies through performative practices.
This didactic process has engaged the participants of the ensemble as choristers, soloists and choir directors at the same time.
In the first semester of the academic year 2021/22 the ensemble worked on a repertoire of choral songs of popular tradition or inspiration, coming from the various Italian regions (Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Abruzzo, Veneto, Piedmont).
The students discussed the choice of the repertoire, and for each piece, their respective roles: choristers, soloists, instrumentalists and conductors of the ensemble, reflecting on which learning processes best suited to the performance (text study techniques, video shooting for study of gestures) by putting into action and analyzing in which way and how much sight, listening and reading have contributed to the awareness of how everyone learns and what kind of knowledge follows.
Live footage was shot during the concert held at the Off Off Theater (via Giulia 10, Rome) on February 20, 2022
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27-Sep – 01-Oct, 2021A staff training in the area of business was hosted by European University Cyprus in Larnaca, Cyprus. The week-long event included a series of lectures on the following 8 Modules: a) Business coaching; b) Entrepreneurship & business data; c) Organization structure; d) Market research and marketing strategies; e) Project description; f) Economic-financial forecasting; g) Balance-sheet and profit loss accounting; and h) Sourcing investment.
All lectures were conducted by faculty from the School of Business Administration at EUC and were purposefully connected to topics pertaining to music. Moreover, a number of cultural and social activities were also included during the period of the training.
Download and read more information about the event in this PDF
Download and read the report of the training in this PDF
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15-19 March, 2021Mosso con brio (“Moved with vigour”) is a mobility hosted by the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, Ireland . The week-long event promotes student self-leadership through participation in a range of activities focusing on internationalization, apprenticeships and cross-border collaboration.
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26-30 October, 2020The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project News in Map organised a full week of online lectures and discussions dedicated to entrepreneurship and leadership. The training was aimed to staff and teachers working in higher music education institutions. At completion, participants have gained an understanding of entrepreneurship, its benefits and, having reflected on best case examples, will be able to apply their insight into a plan for themselves to make changes at their institution.
Download and read the report of the training in this PDF
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